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Alisa Spataro, Journalist

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Cheer has been a very complicated sport in the past year. Cheer runs through football and basketball season. There is a male coach since the coach quit recently. You have to try out for this and they only accept about 18-20. You have to get at least 100 point to proceed on the team. You get points from a dance, cheer, and sideline cheer. You have to be able to do some sort of gymnastics even if it’s just a cartwheel. You have to be able to do a toe touch and usually another jump of your choice. You get 3 days to learn a dance, cheer, and sideline.

When you make the team practices will most likely start first day of summer in the early mornings. You have to pay some cash for everything but every penny is worth spending on cheer. Except last year there was supposed to be a 3-day camp for dances and stunts, and everyone had to pay for that, but with the loss of middle school and junior varsity coaches everything was not on schedule. They changed the camp to 1 day. That was a waste of some good money. Mandatory practices usually start in August, and the coaches are really strict about missing. If you miss 2 or so you can’t cheer in the first game, and if you ever miss a game you get benched for the next game.

There are more strict rules. First you can wear nail polish and your nails can’t be longer than a certain length. You can’t wear any jewelry, or it could “hurt someone”. If you miss workouts you can’t stunt. Stunts are when you have 4 girls but 3 out of the 4 girls work together to hold up a girl in the air. Workouts are usually 2 days a week, but a lot of girls go every day for extra training. Last year the coach gave rewards for working out extra. You have to learn 3-5 band dances, football cheers during practices in the summer. If there is uneven amount of people they have to be sparklers. Sparklers are just people who cheer in front of the stunts.

You have to have everything on in your uniform or you can’t cheer. You have to have a bow that they give you in a ponytail. You have to have low-cut all white socks. If there is a game and you come to school late (unexcused) you cannot participate in the game. During practice you have to run 2 laps each time, and they eventually make you run a mile under a certain amount of time.  If you don’t make it you get cut from the team even though that’s never happened.

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Cheer News