Love, Simon Review

Renee Rozum, Media Arts I - Writer

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On March 16th, 2018, there was a new movie released that everyone in the world was dying to see. The name of the movie was Love, Simon. The movie is about a 17-year-old boy named Simon Spier. He is a normal teen who had a group of friends who always looked out for him. Every 17-year-old wants a love story,  but that wasn’t so easy for Simon. He had been keeping a pretty big secret from his family and friends, and it was that he was gay. When he falls in love with an anonymous classmate online, he can’t tell anybody about it because he was still in the closet. Throughout the movie, his sexuality becomes known through a peer blackmail situation. He betrayed his friends, who in turn stopped talking to him. He thought that there was nothing he could do, until his classmates, including his friends, started accepting him for who he was. The movie ends at a carnival, in which Simon and his anonymous love meet, and it turns out that they were friends from the beginning. The overall message of this movie is to never be afraid of being who you want to be. The movie became immensely popular, and is still playing in theaters. It gives a positive message, and really gave LGBTQ youth confidence to be their true selves. Love, Simon is the first rom-com produced by a major Hollywood studio to feature a gay teen protagonist (Guillaume, 2018). Seeing a gay teenager have the ability to find love in the end, even after going through bullying, gives every person going through the same thing more confidence. It also isn’t just a story about being gay, it is about finding who you are as a person in general. There are straight characters in the movie as well, who are also going through relationship struggles and trying to find out who they want to be. Love, Simon is a universal story, even if you’re not a gay teenager. The challenge of figuring out who we are and standing comfortably in that identity might begin in high school, but often lasts a lifetime (Cohen, 2018). This movie is a movie for everyone, which is a reason why it became so popular. It was a stereotypical high school setting, but the story became personal in a different way for everyone who watched. A lesson can also be taught that treating someone poorly bases on their sexuality or how they choose to live is no way to act. This lesson is taught through the consequences of the antagonist. The antagonist, Martin, decided that he could use Simon’s secret to get what he wanted, which was attention from one of Simon’s best girl friends. When he refused, Martin outed his secret, which made everyone see him differently. In the end, Martin was the one who got punished, and everyone was grateful that Simon could be happy. This shows that being the bigger person always is the better option. The only negative that can be said about Love, Simon is that it is nothing we haven’t heard of in the media before.This movie isn’t particularly quirky or deep; it’s predictable, the characters are fairly thinly drawn, and both cheese and corn make their presence known (Slaton, 2018). Gay awareness hasn’t exactly been subtle in recent months, and having a movie released about it isn’t surprising. That being said, it still spreads awareness in a relatable way for everyone. All in all, this movie is one that topped charts, and will be one that won’t be forgotten by anyone.

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Love, Simon Review