Two-Faced Born This Way Foundation Review

Lexi Fleet, Media Arts I - Writer

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The Two-Faced Born This Way foundation retails for $39 and is described as an oil free cream product that provides a “undetectable” finish while brightening and smoothing out the appearance of the skin. The line has 12 shades to suit a variety of undertones and shades of the skin, making it inclusive to many individuals. It contains coconut water to “replenish skin’s moisture levels without over hydrating” and is infused with alpine rose extract to promote elasticity. It also includes hyaluronic acid which balances the skin for an overall more youthful appearance (Two Faced, 2015). I purchased the color “porcelain” at my local Sephora store and had it color matched to my skin to ensure I was getting the best results possible. The product comes in a frosted glass compartment that has gold piping around the top with a black, hard plastic cap. It feels heavier in weight which is expected of a product that is in a higher price range. When applying, I used a standard beauty blender which was suggested by the website paired with my normal skin primer. Upon application I noticed it had a thinner consistency than my usual foundation but did not seem to affect the performance of the product. In order to cover my whole face (along with down my jawline and neck) I used one pump which is standard for this type of product. The website describes it as a medium to full coverage finish but upon application it wears as no more than medium due to the fact that it does not fully cover up blemishes and hyperpigmentation in one layer. This product is buildable and does not set quickly, giving the user enough time to blend it out before it completely dries (YouTube-Shannon Harris, 2016). Once dry, it leaves an extremely smooth texture without building up in certain areas (around the nose, smile lines, etc.) like other medium coverage products tend to do. The finish is dewey enough to give the skin a nice sheen but not over the top to the extent that it looks greasy. Other products applied and blended smoothly on top and complemented the product nicely. Throughout the day the foundation did not move around on my skin, but it did get slightly oily in the t-zone of the face. The shine can be easily removed with blotting paper while maintaining most of its coverage afterwards. After 8 hours there was no change in the quality of the foundation, no fading, no creasing and it did not sink into my pores. When taking photos the foundation does not produce flashback either (YouTube-Tati Westbrook, 2017). Overall, the foundation is lightweight, long lasting, and has a smooth profile once on the skin, adhering to the description given on the company’s website. If you are interested in a completely full coverage and skin perfecting formula this foundation is not quite there, but that is expected because the product was advertised as a natural looking foundation. Although it has a higher price point, its performance, packaging, and shade selection demonstrate that the great quality is reflected in the price.  

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Two-Faced Born This Way Foundation Review